Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching Up!

This is what we've been up to (the last oh, month that I haven't posted) I'll show you in pictures!

We acted out a song. "Five Black and Shiny Crows"

I got in on the fun too!

We made flip books to retell the story...

We write scarecrow stories...

We used the same scarecrow costume to retell a story, "A Shy Scarecrow"

We learned about numbers and how to decide if they're "greater than" or "less than". The alligator always eats the greatest number!

We had fun making a coffee filter turkey.

We made patterned chains to decorate for our Turkey Store day.

We had so much fun at our first store! Buying things to make a turkey.

Oh, I also go engaged!!! Yay!
Their responses to what being engaged meant were so precious and priceless!
"It means you have to live with Travis. "It means you got married." "It means you have to kiss a boy!" (eeeeewwwww!!!) hahaha

We've been so busy in class, I can't even believe it's already December (and that our semester is just days from being over!)

My little kinder babies are half way to first grade!

And if you kids have told you I got married, I haven't! I think they're a little confused and it doesn't help that I have had a wedding to attend the last 3 weekends! They think all of them are mine!

We are planning a wedding for October 2012. Many of you have asked if we have registered and the answer is no, we have been sooo busy with all these other weddings and wedding will continue through April. When we find time we will likely register at Pottery Barn and Target.

I am loving every second of the holiday season with my Kinders!!

Hopefully I will manage to get some current posts up soon but if not, I wish you all the very happiest holiday season!!

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